How To Install Apk Files On Android In 2023

Here is a simple tutorial about how to install apk files on android by which you can install any downloaded apk file on your mobile without any hesitation.
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The file format that is used for the distribution and installation of mobile applications that have been built for the Android platform is referred to as the “Android Package Kit” (APK). When it comes to how to install apk files on android , the APK file serves the same purpose that the.exe file does in Windows-based operating systems on personal computers.

The process of obtaining an app is almost identical to the process of getting an APK via the internet. It is quite improbable that users who get programs via Google’s Play Store would ever come across the APK extension. While this is the case most of the time, there are occasions in which you could want something different. For download any apk file on townapk.

What Can You Do with an APK File?

An essential function of APK files is to facilitate the installation of software on Android devices. Similar to Windows 10’s APPX files and other package files, APK files provide information about the program and directions for installing it.In its role as a package manager, Google Play Store automatically downloads and installs APKs when users add new apps to their devices.

open apk files on android

Yet, because to the accessibility of the ecosystem, developers also distribute their work on other sites like APKPure and APKMirror. To install the software without using the package manager, the user may get the APK and sideload it onto their Android device.

How To Install Apk Files On Android Procedure

How to open apk files on android files using Chrome, the web browser that comes pre-installed on Android devices, makes installation a simple.

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  • 1: Discover a website that provides the Android app, then go to the website’s URL in order to get the APK file. You should accept any pop-ups that appear, even the one that says “This kind of file may damage your device.”
  • 2: If the web browser on your mobile device does not ask you to open the file once it has been downloaded, you may access it using the file explorer on your device by navigating to the Downloads folder and then tapping the APK file from inside that folder.
  • 3: It is essential that you provide the application access to all that it need; hence, you should not be uncomfortable to do so. After that, choose Install at the very bottom of the window that you have opened for the installation. This will complete the process.
  • 4: Both the appearance of a confirmation message and the program’s entry in the list of apps that have been installed are indicators that the installation was carried out correctly and effectively.

The Top Download APK Websites

There are several locations on the internet from where you may know how to install apk files on android; nevertheless, it is essential that you only acquire from trustworthy sources. In the event that it was discovered that an APK file included dangerous software, the security of the phone may be put at risk. Never install applications on your smartphone from somewhere other than the Google Play Store. Doing so puts your device at danger.

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According to the feedback left by previous customers, reputable sources for APK downloads include websites such as,,, and others. Before you go ahead and download and install an APK from that website, you should first read some consumer reviews and comments about it. Nonetheless, AKPMirror is one of the most dependable choices available when it comes to downloading APK files. When you download files from the internet, APKMirror checks to make sure that you are only receiving safe versions of the Android application package (APK) rather than any harmful malware.

You may always go on over to APKPure whenever you find yourself in a situation in which you need an APK file.These services put a high priority on the safety of your device and the data stored on it in order to guarantee that you may download APK files without having to be concerned about downloading files that contain malware or viruses.

Tutorial on Putting APK Files on Your Computer

  • 1: One has to go to a website that provides such files, do a search for APK files, and then download the results of that search onto their own personal computer in order to get APK files.
  • 2: It is strongly suggested that you allow the installation of applications originating from unknown sources on your Android smartphone.
  • 3: To get started, connect the USB cable to your personal computer as well as your Android device.
  • 4: If you connect your Android device to a computer in order to transmit media or files, charge the device, or do both of those things, you can be asked to pick between the two options. Make a decision on how the files will be sent.
  • 5: Locate the folder on the computer that holds your phone’s information. It’s possible that it’s located in the “My Computer” folder if you’re using Windows, or it may be labeled something completely different on your phone, such as “Phone” or “PC Suite.”
  • 6: After the download is finished, you should next transfer the APK file to the place of your choosing on your Android smartphone.
  • 7: Using a file management app, look for the APK file that is stored on your Android smartphone.
  • 8: After you have identified the relevant APK file for the app, you can then tap it to begin the installation process.
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Recent Android versions do reorganize activities somewhat. They provide a functionality that allows your browser or file manager to how to install apk files on android tv box on your device rather to the device option that permits the installation of APK files from unknown sources.

How To Install Apk Files On Android FAQs

Q. Are APK files safe for your Android device?

Possibly. It is vital to onlyknow how to install apk files on android from trusted sources since every file you download online has the potential to contain malware.

Q. Can apk file download for android be removed from an Android device?

Yes. After an application has been installed, the corresponding APK file may be safely deleted.

Q. Where can I learn more about Android’s apk installer for android ConfigAPK?

Android devices already have ConfigAPK installed. APK files may be opened and used to set up various programs.

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