How To Check Battery Health On Android

Learn here how to check battery health on android to make your phone fast and keep your battery health good.
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Battery health determines the condition of your phone. It also helps you to know how much your phone deteriorates in the apps and regular usage. Your phone may work faster when you purchase it, however, battery health does not remain the same. After a few years, you will face different issues like warming up, discharging, or your device becoming slower. Now, in this innovative world, you can monitor the performance of your phone and make it better in many ways. In this context, our main concern is how to check battery health on android? You must pay attention to the working of your phone and learn how to preserve the battery of your mobile phone.

Android users face major degradation in the battery because these devices get slower and discharge earlier compared to other devices. So, here I am presenting the main guide through which you can improve the battery health of Android.

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Ways For Checking Battery Health On Your Android Device

Using The Main Settings Of Your Android

  • In recent android devices, you can check the battery status through The Settings Menu in your device. The process may vary in some devices but it is appropriate for all devices;
  • Choose the Settings app and then go to Battery on your device.
  • In the battery menu, click the three dots and then on Battery Usage.
  • The list will show all apps consuming the battery and now you can change the percentage of every app that utilizes the charging.
  • Also, clean the uninstall residuals for better working of your device. If your device heats up while cleaning, you may reduce its usage to avoid further losses.
android battery health check code

Use Dialer Code

Dialer code is another way for battery health check online. The process may not work on old Android devices but it is the simplest way to monitor the performance. The dialer code for all android devices is ##4636##. You can input this code and next time it will show all details including Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage statistics, and Wi-Fi Information.
You will select Battery Information and then check its health and other details. In addition to Battery Information, you can ask for Phone Information and Usage Statistics. The dial code method is suitable for OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Google Supported Devices.

battery health check online

Download AccuBattery Application

Many third-party applications are introduced in the market that will allow you to check the performance of your phone. The apps that provide detailed information are Phone Doctor Plus, AccuBattery, CPU-Z, Battery by MacroPinch, and Battery Checker. However, I will recommend you use AccuBattery or Phone Doctor Plus.

check mobile battery condition

Phone Doctor Plus measures daily charging cycles, Battery Capacity, and consists of 40 hardware tests. Diagnose your phone with Phone Doctor Plus because it also shows a warning when you have to shut your device or minimize the usage of working apps.

AccuBattery is used for in-depth analysis of battery capacity, discharging information, usage information, and temperature. Moreover, it is suitable for all devices like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, and iPhones. So, you don’t have to search longer for how to check battery health android oppo.

How To Check Battery Status On Samsung Devices

The working mechanism of Samsung devices is quite different from other devices. People are confused about how to check battery health on samsung. The dialer code is also different for the Samsung company. You can check the health of the Samsung device with the help of diagnostic functions and dialer codes.

Using Diagnostic Function

  • You can use the Samsung Member App and go to the Help option and select Help at the bottom.
  • Click the Diagnosis panel and then on “Show Tests”
  • Here, you can check the Battery Status and now press the “Test” for a better diagnosis.
  • If the battery status is “Good” it means your phone is working accurately. There’s no need to change your device.
  • If you don’t find a Diagnostic option on your device, you can download an external Device Care application from Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store. Sign in through your account and then the Support Button to check the Battery Status.

Samsung Dialer Code

There are some secret codes to check battery health for each device. However, if you don’t have any information about the secret code, type *#0228# on your Samsung dial pad and it will immediately show the BatteryStatus on your device. In this menu, you can also check voltage or charge level. Now, you will not need to worry about how can i check my battery health on android?

Ways To Keep Your Battery Healthy

  • The battery section plays an important role in determining the overall performance of your phone. Therefore, a few recommendations or bonus tips to save your battery’s life are;
  • Place your device in cool places and keep it away from your kitchen heat and extreme sunlight. The battery mostly faces drainage issues at high temperatures.
  • Always use original chargers from the official company or use branded chargers because low-quality chargers can lead to shorter battery life.
  • Don’t use your phone while charging and don’t let it to 0% if you want to get the super-fast performance of your device.
  • Don’t keep your phone 24 hours on charging because it causes heating and loss of mobile normal functionality.
  • Use a snug cover case while charging because it leads to faster charging and prevents overheating.
  • Besides these tips, there are many other ways to reduce battery usage. For example, turn off NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile hotspot when not necessary. It also reduces the consumption of batteries in your device.

For longer battery life, keep brightness at a low level.

Summing Up

We are greatly dependent on our smartphones and their battery health means a lot in determining the life of your device. So, if you are wondering how to check battery health on android, you can take ideas from this information and apply them to your android devices. Moreover, you can read the given tips to keep your phone healthy and boost its life span. If you need further information, visit our site and read the authentic information about your devices. Thanks!


Q. How can I extend the battery life of my device?

Using your charger, not keeping your device in hot places, and avoiding usage while charging can boost the lifetime of smartphones.

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