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Count Masters Mod Apk is stickmen running game where you have to enlarge your numbers by eating the high number points.
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If you’re a fan of running games, you’ll love Count Masters Mod Apk, a customized version of the famous game. The game’s basic but engaging mechanics put players in charge of a force of stickmen, making for a really one-of-a-kind experience.

The goal of the game is to get the player to the castle at the finish line as fast as possible by having them use touch controllers to push left, right, or up. Some of the stick men die when they run into something, while others fall off the track when the army size becomes too high, thus the composition of the army is always shifting.

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Count Masters Mod Apk Features

The interesting features of this game are listed below:

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1: Limitless Levels

The gameplay consists of an infinite number of levels, each one being more challenging than the one before it. The pace of the chase will pick up, and strategic impediments will be built up to make the surviving troops’ defenses more vulnerable. With the count master mod apk hack, players are unrestricted in their ability to navigate the game world at their own pace and are not subject to any time limits. Because of this, the experience is made to be more challenging and exciting than it would have been otherwise, since the levels that are the hardest to complete may be accessible right away.

count master mod apk hack

2: A Wide Variety Of Characters And Maps

It is possible for each player to give their stickman a unique paint job, as well as choose from a broad array of accessories and clothing available in the game’s extensive wardrobe. This provides the player with a feeling of control over their in-game character. It brings the overall number of playable maps up, offering players more chances to put their skills to the test in a variety of challenging settings.

count master unlimited money and gems

3: Limitless Money

Players will never have to worry about their in-game currency running out again when they have this adapted version of this count master unlimited money and gems game, which is referred to as the “master mod apk.” As a result, users are free to buy everything they want in this count master diamond use game. This contributes to the success of the player by making it less difficult for them to progress through the game.

count master mod menu

4: Free Of Ads

The ad-free experience that is given by this count master mod apk no ads allows you to concentrate on the game at hand without having to deal with obnoxious ads continually interrupting your experience. Since there are no loading windows or other pauses, there is a greater amount of continuous gaming.

5: Modified Visuals

Because of the recent improvements that have been made to the game’s visuals, players will find that playing Count Masters is a more engaging experience. The inclusion of funny character designs makes the experience of playing the game far more entertaining overall. The choice of blue and red as the basic colors creates emotions of vitality and enthusiasm, while the cartoonish look of the characters offers for a humorous and delightful gaming experience. Blue and red are the primary colors used in the game.

6: Bonuses Points

The ultimate score for a player in a competition is based not only on the size of their army at the end of the race but also on the difficulty of the race they have just finished. These points might be put to use to advance you up the leaderboard and secure your standing as one of the best players in the game.

7: Count Masters Mod Apk Free Of Cost

It is not necessary to have an active connection to the internet in order to play the game or download it for free; any one of these activities may be carried out independently of the other. As a result, it is open to participation at any moment and in any setting by anybody, regardless of location or circumstances.

8: Touch Operation

This count master apk download game gets frequent updates as a direct result of user input, which allows for the addition of new material as well as the refinement of elements that were already there. The use of touch controls, which allow for instantaneous presses to the left or right as well as a hop up to command your army, makes the game accessible to players of varying skill levels. Because of the responsive and user-friendly control scheme, building and leading an army through each level of the game is a piece of cake.

9: Speed Booster Option

The speed-boost feature of the game is to blame for the increased challenge presented by the mod apk version of the game as well as the significantly extended amount of time spent playing it.


You need go no farther than Count Masters Mod Apk to find a game that is both entertaining and free to play. The player assumes the position of the commander of a stick figure army and is charged with guiding their forces through a number of difficulties and into the final castle. This game has gained a lot of popularity as a result of its unique gameplay elements, challenging levels, and support for multiplayer play. As a consequence of this, it is strongly suggested that you set up a count master so that you may take advantage of the many benefits it offers. you can download count master original version on play store page.


Q.Is it possible to buy more stuff in this game?

Based on the game’s release version you have loaded, it may prevent you from making in-app purchases.

Q. What are the main advantages of this game ?

You can get infinite money and resources and access to every single one of the show’s levels if you download the patched version and install it.

Q. How can I get the Count Masters Mod Apk file?

Like any other Android software, this game requires a simple installation procedure. Installing this mod apk download is as easy as downloading the.apk file from a reliable source and placing it on your device.

Q. Can I play this game without an internet connection, and does it cost nothing to do so?

This game may be downloaded for free and is widely accessible. Also, it’s an offline game that can be played without an active internet connection. Download count masters mod apk to enjoy it offline.

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